Our Story

Cherry Bomb was created to have positive, happy vibes. We want you to walk in and feel like you belong. We love everyone just how they are and would love to have you come and enjoy hanging out with us. We try to match our guests up with the stylist that will best fit them and what they want to achieve with their hair. We have stylists that specialize in everything from curly hair, blondes, red heads, extension experts and more! Check out the "Shop Our Stylists" section to find the best fit for you! You will be blown away with what our Cherry Bomb girls can do for you. Our relaxing and rejuvenating spa has earned us the reputation of Owasso's top spa.  Come treat yourself and see what the Cherry Bomb hype is all about.

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Fast Booking

Please note: All stylists are independent contractors at Cherry Bomb. Therefore each stylist sets their own hours and have their own way of conducting appointments.  If for some reason you don't fit well with your stylist we have an entire team you can try. You can see the stylists portfolios and services offered on our 'Shop our Stylists' page.